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Connecting to an Asterisk server

Configuring Asterisk servers in Flexor Manager

When you open the Asterisk server configuration window, you are presented with a list of servers that Flexor Manager has details for. Initially, this list will be empty:

List of available Asterisk servers - no servers known

List of Asterisk servers - none known

Adding servers

To add a new server, Click on the "Add Server" button. This will open a window for you to enter the details of your server. These details should have been given to you by whoever looks after your telephone system.

Input server details window

Entering details of a new Asterisk server

Enter the information you have in the window and click the "Connect" button. You should see the status change to "Logged In", and then the window will close automatically. If the status changes to "Could not connect to server", check that you have entered the values in the Address and Port fields correctly, and have got the "Connect to server using SSL" box ticked only if necessary. If the status changes to "Could not log in to server", then check that you have entered the username and password correctly.

If you are still unable to get the status to "Logged in" once you are sure that you have entered the server details you were given correctly, you should contact whoever gave you the server details for assistance.

Once you have added your server successfully, it will be shown in the list of available servers:

Available servers window showing connected server

Asterisk server successfully added

It is possible to have more than one Asteriek server configured in Flexor Manager. The availability of each server is regularly monitored and reported in the available servers window. Here, two servers are configured, but one of them is not currently available:

Available servers window showing connected and disconnected servers

The server at is not working at the moment!

When you have finished configuring the server or servers, click the "Close" button to close the window. Flexor Manager will automatically start scanning all of the known servers for extensions.

If you exit Flexor Manager, it will only retain information about servers which you have used to connect devices to. Information about any server that you configure to scan for extensions, but which you do not attach to for a particular extension will be lost when you exit.

Removing servers

You can remove a configured server from the list by clicking to select it and then clicking the "Remove Server" button.

Available servers window showing a server about to be removed

Removing a configured server

You can only remove a server from the list if you have no Asterisk-connected phones added to Flexor Manager. If you try to remove a server that is currently being used by one or more Asterisk devices, you will get the following message:

Message shown if selected Asterisk server cannot be removed

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