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Flexor Connect for Asterisk

This document describes how to use the Flexor Connect for Asterisk product to connect any phone registered with an Asterisk® PBX to Flexor Manager. It describes how to:

Supported Asterisk Versions

Flexor software has been tested with Asterisk versions 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8.

Connection to the Asterisk AMI through a proxy such as or AstManProxy is supported, and may be required to reduce the load on Asterisk itself if there are many clients. However it is not possible to test against all such proxies. If you are using the software with a proxy and encounter problems, please try connecting the software directly to the Asterisk AMI service to establish whether there is an issue between Flexor Connect for Asterisk and the particular proxy you are using.


Devices connected using the Flexor Connect for Asterisk product provide the following call control facilities to Flexor Manager:

Some facilities that other devices provide are not available:

Unless the Asterisk server is configured to make the initiating phone auto-answer, and the phone supports auto-answer, outgoing calls will require manual acceptance on the phone by the user before they are placed. See the Administrator section of this guide for auto-answer set-up instructions.

Phone Availability

Once a phone is configured Flexor Manager will keep track of its availability. When a phone is available it will show as Available in the Flexor Manager Devices and Applications window.

Connected Asterisk device in Devices and Applications window

Asterisk phone is available for use

If the phone or extension is unavailable for some reason, for example it the phone or Asterisk server is rebooting or has accidentally been unplugged, then it will show as unavailable.

Disconnected Asterisk device in Devices and Applications window

Asterisk phone unavailable for use

For more information on the Devices and Applications window see the Flexor Manager guide.

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